Understanding Finance

For many, knowing they need to understand the financial side of buying a home is overwhelming and often can lead to not even buying a house because it's to hard! Here at Tropical Homes we see this on a daily basis so we have tackled this head on. Finance should not be a hurdle to making the dream of owning your home a reality.

Tropical Homes have several finance options available at your fingertips to help you solve this problem - ask about our low deposit and also our savings plans!

Saying that if you are employed and have a good credit rating you are more than 1/2 way to be able to get a home loan. We work with several local brokers who have access to over 35 different lenders, they will find something suitable for you!

So what is the next step?

Simple, if you are employed and have a good credit rating its time to make an appointment with us. This is no obligation meet and greet. We will gather some more information and then work with yourself and a Broker to offer you some options.

See how 1/2 hour can change your life, no more renting, make a home for yourself!