Can you get into a Brand New Home?

Everything is possible! The biggest thing to get your head around is “Finance”.

Understanding the financial side of buying a home can be overwhelming and can often lead to not even buying a house because it's too hard! Finance should not be a hurdle to making the dream of owning your home a reality.

To help you, we can offer a variety of solutions based on your current situation and lifestyle eg low deposit plans, savings plans etc

Saying that, if you are employed and have a good credit rating, you are more than half way there to be able to get a home loan.

We work with several local brokers who have access to over 35 different lenders, they will find something suitable for you!

So what is the next step?


✔️Are you employed?
✔️Have a good credit rating?

Then it’s time to make an appointment with us. This is a no obligation meet and greet. We will gather some more information and then work with yourself and a Broker to offer you some options.

See how half an hour can change your life, no more renting, make the move today!

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First Home Owner’s Grant

So, you have heard that the Queensland State Government has the First Home Owner’s Grant (FHOG) but what does this really mean and how do you get it?

From 1 July 2018 it is $15,000, and it has been created to get First Home Buyers into their first home sooner. It goes towards buying or building a New Home. It covers off the plan new homes or building a new home.

That’s great but what next? What is the next step?

Essentially it’s a matter of meeting with us, along with the Broker and together we fill it in. It’s very simple but you do need to understand that the government does have some criteria and obligations you need to meet. We go through all of this with you though to make sure you understand.

It’s not the whole list but the most important things to remember are;

✔️ You are at least 18 years of age
✔️ You are an Australian citizen or permanent resident (or applying with someone who is)
✔️ The value of the house and land is less than $750,000
✔️ You will move into the new house within 12 months of it being finished and remain in the home for a continuous 6 months after

So do you think your are ready?

Fill in the below and we are on our way!

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