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Buying your first home is often just a dream for many, however Tropical Homes are changing this and are helping people realise their dream. At Tropical Homes we pride ourselves on being First Home Buyer specialists. When you have built as many homes as what we have in 70 years you know exactly what home to build for whom and at what price.

Nothing can make us more happier than to see people who really thought they could not afford a house being given their keys to their new home.

All of our homes have been finished to a high standard with plenty of inclusions including landscaping and fencing. We work with local companies who know Townsville and the area well. There are many benefits to buying a brand new house such as warranties and guarantees so why wait, now is a great time to buy.

From 1st July 2106, the First Home Buyers Grant Start Grant has increased to $20,000, this offer is available till 30 June 2018. From 1 July 2018 the grant will go to $15,000 so we encourage you to take advantage of this, often depending on your financial circumstances you may not even need a deposit!

So what are you waiting for?