Make the Move From Renter to Owner

Tropical Homes has been building homes in Townsville for over 70 years. We are Townsville’s largest builder and pride ourselves that we have helped so many First Home Buyers get into their first home, in fact we are happy to be known as the First Home Buyer Specialists!

When you have been building homes for over 70 years you tend to learn and know a thing or to.

Our homes are suited to the climate, they are finished to a high standard, they come with 12 month maintenance period and we have 25 year structural guarantees. All of this and yet they are affordable, (not cheap though!) and you are not missing out on the “mod cons”.

Our level of inclusions also set us apart, what we call inclusions, other builders call extras!

Also by being here this long (and we plan to stay even longer), if something goes wrong we are here to fix it. We are not a builder that wont last the distance.

Building our homes are locals who know Townsville and the area. This includes suppliers and contractors - the tiler, your windows, your landscaping etc!

And to make it really easy we assist you with getting the First Home Buyers Grant Start Grant of $15,000, now thats a good start!

So what is stopping you? Make the Move from Renter to Owner today!