Word of Mouth is powerful especially when it comes to those big ticket items in life, like a house! The process of buying a brand new house or building a brand new home is daunting enough and its often the case on where do you start. It is completely normal to ask as many people as possible to share their experiences. It all helps you for when you need to make the final decision on who to work with. So with that in mind we have introduced our “Referral” system.

Its when Word of Mouth is rewarded!

Its all very simple, refer someone to us, tell us that you referred them, if they sign a contract and the contract is settled then you will receive $1000!

So if you know someone then lets begin


Please complete the form below, ALL SECTIONS MUST BE COMPLETED

Your Name (Referrer) *
Your Name (Referrer)
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Your Phone
The Person you are Referring (Prospective Customer) *
The Person you are Referring (Prospective Customer)
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The Prospective Customer Phone Number

Important Things to Note:

The Builder is Tropical Homes - Parkside Constructions (NQ) Pty Ltd, ACN 009 754 947, of 99-103 Nathan Street Cranbrook Qld 4814. Contact number 07 4722 7200.

2. The referral fee is payable to a Referrer who refers a Prospective Customer/s to the Builder and;

a. The Prospective Customer/s signs a contract of sale with the Builder and;
b. Have the contract of sale made unconditional and settle on the contract of sale and;
c. Have this referral form (above) completed and submitted with the contract of sale to the Builder at the same time. *No form is to be submitted earlier or later. These will not be accepted after the fact.

3. A Prospective Customer/s as noted above in 2.a is someone that has;

a. Has made a bonafide enquiry about entering into a contract pf sale with the Builder.
b. Does not already exist as a contact or prospective buyer in the Builders database.
c. Has advised the Builder that have been referred by the Referrer upon enquiry.

4. The referral fee will become payable by the Builder to the Referrer 10 working days from settlement of the Prospective Customer/s contract of sale

5. The Builder will not be obliged to pay the referral fee to the Referrer if;

a. All conditions in this contract are not strictly satisfied including the special conditions 2,3 and 4.
b. To a person or party based solely only on the basis that the person/party is mutually known to the prospective buyer.
c. If the referral form is submitted to the Builder after the contract of sale is executed by all parties.

The Builder has the right to use the Referrer and the Prospective Customer/s details to send out marketing promotional material.

There can be only one Referrer to a Prospective Customer/s, that is 2 people can not be the Referrer to the same Prospective Customer/s. Only one amount of $1000 will be paid.

Staff and immediate family and friends of Tropical Homes - Parkside Constructions (NQ) are not excluded from this offer.

We respect your privacy and our privacy policy applies.